Engo Family Care: Facts and Figures

We would like to provide some relevant facts and figures so that you can see exactly where your donation is going.

  • All finances are meticulously scrutinised. The financial manager is a chartered accountant, and the head office of Engo, as well as an independent firm of auditors, ensure sound financial management.
  • No cash is handled, all donations are acknowledged with a written receipt, and all expenses must be accompanied by an invoice and must be authorised by 3 different people.
  • All income, including donations and subsidies, is used to provide services as listed below.
  • A strict screening process is used to identify those in need. No cash is handed out.
  • A strict annual budget is drawn up and adhered to.
Services provided in the past six months
  • Alleviation of hunger by means of distribution of maize meal (10 kg per month to 55 families, consisting of about 5 members per family); 329 adults and 536 children fed by the maize project and emergency pantry; 79 children (identified by schools, clinics and community members) receive a hot, balanced meal 5 days per week; 49 adults and 8 children received appropriate clothing.
  • When poverty strikes, family structures suffer. The following are but a few of the services rendered: 18 discussions on the local radio station and 4 school visits to inform children about children’s rights, abuse, violence, bullying, gangs, and substance abuse; 59 families were assessed in-home visits or office interviews for screening; 61 families were helped with conflict resolution ( including conflict between adults and teenagers) and marriage counselling; 239 children who are in foster care receive foster care supervision services and 59 foster parents received counselling in workshops and regular home visits.
  • HIV/ Aids support group twice a month.
  • 387 grade 7 girls received a knitted doll ( crafted by community members) and a briefing to inform them to make the correct sexual choices and the right to say no.
  • School leavers are assisted with information about bursaries, training and job applications.
  • During the past year, 979 beneficiaries were served by a staff of only 3 Social Workers and 4 auxiliary Workers. The beneficiaries ranged in age from infants to the elderly, irrespective of race, colour or creed.
  • Just a reminder: Due to economic hardship and government cutbacks, they are faced with a battle for survival. They need R300 000 ($22 100 or £16 800) just to survive the current financial year!

Give Hope and DONATE

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