Stories Of Hope

After being tragically orphaned, the boys were placed in foster care in 2009. The process was facilitated and managed by Engo Family Care, Senekal, South-Africa. The foster parent service also includes counselling and guidance for the foster parent and chldren. Out of great sadness a new, flourishing family unit came into being. The kids have a home, a place of security and comfort, a place of happiness.

We all know that tertiary education is the key to success. But for many: the homeless and hopeless, the abandoned and orphaned, this will remain an impossible dream. We delight in sharing an amazing success story. These three siblings, all orphans, were taken off the streets and placed in foster care by Engo. Among them, they hold a second-year qualification in Information Technology, a diploma in mechanical engineering and an apprenticeship in boiler-making.

Last year’s matric results have been published and analysed. Publicity was given to outstanding achievers. But few people realise the commitment it takes for a street child to complete matric, and even more: to pass with distinction. Joseph, “father” of the Engo Street Child project, is shown here presenting the matric diploma to the proud recipient. But will Engo’s fine work continue … or will it be back to the streets for kids like this?

New beginnings… After a struggle lasting more than 8 years, the staff of Engo were recently able to obtain an ID document for this boy. Rescued from a life of despair, he was placed in a children’s home but still visits his parents whenever possible. He is excited about resuming his schooling this year. Alcoholism and resulting poverty leading to circumstances like these are serious problems which are being addressed by Engo, and this work can only continue with your help!

During 2017 Engo Family Care and Bophelo Community Centre provided 28 800 children with a balanced, hot meal; 95 vagrants were housed and fed; 12 families received groceries and 530 people were clothed. Without YOUR support this work will come to a standstill during 2018.

The homecoming. This mother’s children have been placed in a Youth Care Centre, where they are flourishing. But the very best part of their lives is coming home! Thanks to the efforts of ENGO Family Care Senekal, this little family now has a permanent place to stay, and so the children can come home every second weekend and during school holidays. ENGO staff also helped the mom’s life partner to obtain an ID and thus an old-age pension. Voortrekker High School in Bethlehem provides free transport on their school bus so that the children can come home regularly.

Taking back our children! Engo Family Care Street Child Project currently has 48 children in their care. They receive hot, balanced meals, clothes, blankets and stationery. There is a 100% successful return into the school system. As seen here, they connect with a father figure at the centre. He offers emotional support and life skills training.They are then placed with a host family.

Kalahari, as he prefers to be called, is on a journey through Africa. He says that he is travelling under the auspices of Ethiopia Mission. All his worldly possessions are in the trolley. After initially refusing shelter, he at last agreed… in the bitterly cold winter months… to stay over in the overnight facilities of Engo. He received food, shoes and clothing ( which he wears under his old clothes). He was helped to procure an identification card and could apply for an old-age pension, which he received a month later. Thus equipped and well-fed, he then left to continue on his journey. May you travel safely, Kalahari!

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Watch Lerato’s story of hope. This is only one shining example of a success story enabled by the intervention of Engo Family Care, Senekal.

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